About us

We are like-minded, innovative individuals that somehow got joint by law of attraction into making ideas a reality. Calm and steady to rev it up, we are a Dumaguete-based online shop offering a wide variety of Philippine postcards and gifts — just yet another added twist to spread the love and share positive vibrations through the subtle courtesy of the Filipino way of what’s up, the pasalubong.

It all began in 2016 in Dumaguete when we ourselves couldn’t find postcards to send out from the Philippines. So, we decided to make our own DIY project. Turns out, we had a ‘eureka’ moment and realized — why not take it up a notch for everyone to enjoy? At first, local cafes bought the idea of it and we had never expected such a demand for postcards in Dumaguete City area alone.This then led us to wander around the possibilities beyond the islands — which summoned us to add more items to our collection for the thrill of it. Surprisingly, the possibilities are endless if you not only surf through waters, but also the internet.

Having to also set-up a shop in an online platform helped us expand, collaborate, and get inspired by advocacy-driven creators and artists. Now most of our online customers are from Metro Manila and conveniently, the archipelago doesn’t disappoint the quick and reliable 1-day delivery service in the Philippines. For 2 years and counting, we are expanding our souvenir collection — we launched keychains, posters, fridge magnets, stickers, gift wrapping papers, and tags — on board with the idea of creative souvenirs from different walks in the Philippines.

Throughout the amazing process, it’s always been a worthwhile journey to be collaborating with local and foreign artists. These past 2 years, we do our best in taking our heart, mind, and artistic soul into account in each step of producing our product so you can be sure to get high quality items at the most affordable price.

Now dating to circa 2019, we rebranded as Pinspired — our twist of “Pinoy-Inspired.” The logo, “P” with sunrays is the Positivity radiating in the Philippines which we want to share through our PINoy collectibles. We had our kickstart on Postcards — the product where it all began for us and thankfully has been there for all of it. Now, we are introducing our new babies as the collectibles continue with our newfound love with enamel-coated Pins, which we want to be as big as our postcards. We are Proud of what we’ve reached so far, fueled with the Passion to do more cool “Pinteresting” stuff. Wow, we just coined another Pun on Pins ;)

Our home is stashed in the island of Negros Oriental – Dumaguete. It’s also the reason why you can find a lot of products in our online shop inspired with Dumaguete and the neighboring islands.

We are fond of traveling from one island to another, and the 7,107 islands of the Philippines are endless on that matter.

We get our inspiration from the nature we enjoy; the ideal sustainable lifestyle; and any inspiration we find from different walks of life – their old historical cities bounded with customs and traditions; unique local delicacies; and the hype of local travel guides. We are basically anything under the sun, pinned to memory lane with extra sunny remembrance.

That feeling when you find fireflies and you just wanna keep ‘em in a jar? That’s what we want to preserve – happy thoughts – the fundamental component that we inject to each of our product. Thus, we also keep ourselves on shine on that light. It’s a blessing you bumped on us. Now, is it time to geek out about our crafts in the gallery?