About us

Pinoy-inspired local Filipino brand art souvenirs gift items Dumaguete Philippines postcards art prints posters

We're "Pinoy-Inspired"

Our logo, adorned with vibrant sun rays, symbolizes the radiant positivity that defines the Philippines. It's a reflection of the warmth and brightness we aim to share with the world through our unique pinoy collectibles.

Pinoy-inspired local Filipino brand art souvenirs gift items Dumaguete Philippines postcards art prints posters

Our journey: Artistic Celebration of the Philippines

We're in the business of storytelling through art. Our brand thrives on transforming well-known symbols of this beautiful country into whimsical, colorful, and imaginative treasures. It's our way of crafting experiences that leave a trail of heartwarming memories for both our local patrons and the global wanderer.


Pinoy-inspired local Filipino brand art souvenirs gift items Dumaguete Philippines postcards art prints posters Mission and Vision of the company

Our mission

At Pinspired Art Souvenirs, our mission is to be the creative producer of souvenirs in the Philippines, offering travelers and local residents the best solutions for unique, high-quality gifts. We are committed to merging the rich traditions of our culture with fresh and creative ideas to bring joy and showcase the beauty of the Philippines through Pinoy collectibles. Our goal is to support local artists, promote their work, and provide an avenue for travelers to discover the artistic soul of the Philippines.

 Pinoy-inspired local Filipino brand art souvenirs gift items Dumaguete Philippines postcards art prints posters Mission and Vision of the company

Our vision

Our vision for Pinspired Art Souvenirs is to become a lifestyle Philippine brand that embodies the diversity of our nation. We are dedicated to crafting creative, environmentally friendly products that respect the people, nature, and animals of the Philippines. We aspire to be a nationally recognized brand, offering unique and eco-conscious products in every corner of the country. Our ultimate goal is to spread creative gift solutions to all parts of the Philippines.

Our customer

Our customers include local and foreign tourists seeking creative Philippine gifts and souvenirs that capture the essence of our culture. We also cater to young creative minds with a passion for all things lovely and inspiring.

Company History


Pinspired Art Souvenirs embarked on its creative journey in 2016, officially registering in 2017. Initially, it operated as an online shop and a wholesale art souvenir supplier, gradually fostering an artist community in the charming city of Dumaguete. In 2018, Pinspired took its first steps in collaboration with rising talents from Dumaguete, including Angelo Delos Santos, Cil Flores, Kat Banay, and Alexander Jusay.

Pinspired Art Souvenirs Mythical Creatures of the Philippines Alexander Jusay Local Dumaguete artists art scene artistic product


The year 2019 marked a significant milestone as Pinspired organized its inaugural exhibition, "Reasons We Love Philippines." This exhibit featured hand-drawn ukuleles, and its proceeds supported the Little Children of the Philippines, a non-denominational organization dedicated to assisting children in Negros Oriental.

Dumaguete Philippines artist collaboration ukulele drawing exhibition LCP support

Undeterred by the challenges, Pinspired embarked on its next creative journey with the "Life-Giving Seagrass" Educational Art Project. Local artists were invited to create artworks centered around the seagrass theme, and the sale of these artworks supported the Big Blue Network's seagrass educational programs in Negros Oriental. In a remarkable effort, educational brochures were designed, and a movie was produced to enhance awareness further.

 Dumaguete artist ocean protection seagrass exhibition


Continuing its commitment to sustainability, Pinspired hosted the "Recycle Me" exhibition. Local artists used recycled plastic canvases made from plastic sheets sourced from PRP4IWI and KURE in Tagbilaran City. These plastic sheets were created by shredding plastic waste collected from various barangays and converting them into canvases. Each artwork promoted zero waste living in Dumaguete City, with proceeds benefiting Plastic Warrior Dumaguete.

Pinspired Art Souvenirs Bohol Tagbilaran Plastic Sheets Exhibition Original Artworks on Recycled Plastic Canvas Dumaguete city

The exhibitions above initially found their home in the heart of Dumaguete at Flying Fish Hostel.

However, with the opening of a physical store in the historic Dakong Balay building, Pinspired secured a second-floor art gallery. Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, numerous exhibitions were organized, including "Organic Magic" with Hersley Casero, "Atoa" and "Atoa 2" group exhibitions celebrating the local artist community.

ATOA Visayan Negros Oriental Art Exhibition Hersley Casero Curator Pinspired Art Souvenirs Dumaguete city Art Scene

In the challenging year of 2020, Pinspired Art Souvenirs defied the odds by opening its physical store amid a global pandemic. Through unwavering support from the esteemed Dakong Balay establishment and the vibrant local artist community, Pinspired not only weathered the storm but also emerged as a beacon of creativity and a hub for artists.

Pinspired Art Souvenirs Dumaguete city branch postcards Collectibles with art of local artists Negros Oriental Grand Opening Dakong Balay


One standout project was "Bahandi sa Kabakhawan," an Educational Art project launched in January 2022. This initiative supported Big Blue Network's mangrove protection educational program in local schools in Negros Oriental. Limited edition art prints were produced from some of the artworks, generating additional support for the NGO.

Bahandi sa Kabakhawan Mangrove Treasures Supporting NGO Big Blue Network Art Exhibition Dakong Balay organised by Pinspired Art Souvenirs seagrass protection Philippines


In 2023, Pinspired reached a pinnacle with the launch of its most ambitious project to date, the "Gentle People Art Show" and the unveiling of the Art Craft Book. 30 artists and photographers from Dumaguete City participated, creating an immersive experience for art enthusiasts. The event also featured a captivating photo zone designed by local artists, further promoting the local art scene and creative gift solutions.

Gentle People Art Show Opening Dakong Balay Dumaguete city Art Craft Book Launching Event Pinspired Art Souvenirs Exhibition Photo zones

Company today

Today in 2023, Pinspired Art Souvenirs stands on the brink of expansion, poised to open its second branch. This growth not only promises more opportunities for artists from different parts of the Philippines but also signifies a continued commitment to celebrating and supporting the vibrant tapestry of Philippine artistry.

Pinspired Art Souvenirs 2023 Dumaguete City Dakong Balay

Sustainability and social responsibility

Empowering artists

We are committed to empowering local artists by sharing a portion of the income generated from the sales of limited edition prints. This not only supports their livelihood but also recognizes and celebrates their talent and contributions to our creative community.

Transparency and education

We believe in the importance of transparency and education. In our store, we provide customers with comprehensive information about the artists whose work we showcase. This not only connects customers with the creators but also fosters an appreciation for the local art scene.

Sustainable production practices

We are mindful of our environmental impact and continuously strive to implement sustainable production practices. From our choice of materials to our packaging solutions, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.


Community engagement

Our commitment extends beyond the walls of our store. We actively engage with the local community through art exhibitions, workshops, and partnerships that promote creativity and artistic expression.

Philanthropic activities

We take pride in our philanthropic efforts, supporting organizations and causes that align with our values. Whether it's through fundraising events or awareness campaigns, we aim to make a positive impact on society.

Founder's Story

"It all started with a postcard"

"I embarked on this journey with a simple idea: to create artistic and creative products that would beautifully showcase the Philippines. It became evident early on that postcards were the perfect canvas for this vision. Initially, I wasn't sure if this concept would resonate with people, but the response exceeded my expectations.

Pinspired Art Souvenirs Founder Evgeniya Spiridonova Story Dumaguete City Local Art Scene

Today, we proudly offer a diverse collection of over 100 postcard designs, each uniquely crafted by different artists, all celebrating the rich tapestry of the Philippines. What makes Pinspired unique is our unwavering dedication to celebrating local artists as individuals.

Our products are born from collaborations with these talented artists, and they encapsulate the very essence of the Philippines. These creations aren't just souvenirs; they are cherished keepsakes for everyone who encounters them. Personally, I find my strength in identifying and collaborating with artists whose styles perfectly align with Pinspired's playful and vibrant theme. It's a journey of translating a multitude of ideas into exceptional final products that embody the spirit of the Philippines."


 We're gearing up to bring the Pinspired experience closer to you. In the near future, we're planning to open more branches across the Philippines, creating more opportunities for artists from different parts of our beautiful nation to join our creative community.

Our commitment to supporting artists remains steadfast. Through our Artist Program, we're extending an invitation to artists far and wide. They can choose to collaborate with us either on a commission basis or opt for shares from every copy sold.

We believe in empowering artists and celebrating their unique talents. We're committed to making a meaningful impact on the communities that inspire us. In the near future, we're planning larger-scale showcases that not only feature our outstanding artists but also deepen our collaboration with more NGOs across the Philippines. Together, we'll create art-driven initiatives that bring about positive change and make a real difference in people's lives.