About us

The idea of Pinspired came to us in 2016 when we were travelling around Philippines and couldn’t find pretty postcard to send to our friends outside the country. And we decided to create our own! Since we settled down in Dumaguete city, our first postcard was the map of Negros Island and 2 years after our collection of maps were already featuring 19 different Philippine Islands from Batanes to Siargao.

We always like the idea of collaborating with local artists and in 2018 we started to work with Dumaguete's raising talents such as Angelo Delos Santos, Cil Flores and Alexander Jusay. Their artworks are still best sellers in our collection.

Pinspired literally means "Pinoy-Inspired”. Our logo with sun rays is the positivity radiating in the Philippines which we sharing through our pinoy collectibles. Our brand is about featuring well known symbols of the country in a fun, colourful and creative way, making heartwarming memories for local and foreign travellers. 


We are fond of traveling from one island to another, and the 7,107 islands of the Philippines are endless on that matter.

We get our inspiration from the nature we enjoy; the ideal sustainable lifestyle; and any inspiration we find from different walks of life – their old historical cities bounded with customs and traditions; unique local delicacies; and the hype of local travel guides. We are basically anything under the sun, pinned to memory lane with extra sunny remembrance.

That feeling when you find fireflies and you just wanna keep ‘em in a jar? That’s what we want to preserve – happy thoughts – the fundamental component that we inject to each of our product. Thus, we also keep ourselves on shine on that light. It’s a blessing you bumped on us. Now, is it time to geek out about our crafts in the gallery?