The Great Little Hunter Softbound Children's Art Book

Hersley Casero


In “The Great Little Hunter”, award-winning writer Ian Rosales Casocot and acclaimed artist Hersley-Ven Casero collaborate to make a unique art book in the form of a children's book to bring you a world of magic, kinship, and imagination.

A young boy apprehensively considers the darkness that comes at bedtime, but his father tells him a story where the boy is descended from a line of mangangayam, great hunters of monsters, and that his secret name is in fact “Ngayam.” Comforted by his father’s tale, the boy drifts to sleep and finds himself in a strange twilight world of teeming forests and wild animals and monsters — and finds the power of friendship and his secret name.

  • Printed in the Philippines;
  • Art paper hardcover and inner sheets;
  • 36 pages;
  • Size A4.

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