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Welcome to our online souvenir shop which is devoted to the beautiful Philippines! We are working directly with local artists from the Philippines to create postcards, sticker and other souvenir items which bring joy. Don’t know how to make your foreign friend little happier and curious about Philippines? Choose postcard sets from our catalogue, where we carefully combined our best-selling postcards together. Do you like traveling all around islands and after each trip bring a bundle of island souvenirs? It would be fun for you to collect postcard from each place you've visited here in the Philippines, just take a look at our collectible postcard set. It’s so easy and simple to buy postcards and other creative gifts in our online souvenir shop.

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Postcard set of 10: Facts about Philippine animals

It’s not just a postcard collection of Philippine animals which you can send by mail, it’s also a 
💌 Creative gift 
💌 Fun and educational cards for kids 
💌 Inspirational decoration for working space.

Souvenir items from Philippines in souvenir shop

Our posters are printed here in Dumaguete City using high quality paper. We pack them into tubes so that they can reach you safely. All philippine souvenirs which you can buy in our online souvenir shop are made with love and passion to this country. We do our best to make creative gifts for every your need. Online shop is the easiest way to choose unique items, which are cannot be found in ordinary store. Join our creative world and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or ideas for collaboration.

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We open our souvenir shop to make it easier for tourist and local people buy gift items online. Sometimes it’s hard to find unique gift idea in ordinary tourist stores, that’s why we offer to buy souvenirs online. It’s the place where you can find postcards, stickers, posters, keychains and other gift ideas for sale. Discover the art of local artists by our collectible creative postcards and postcard sets, make happy your loved ones by our unique stickers, decorate your wall with art posters which remind you about visiting this amazing country!

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