Cil Flores

About artist:

Cil Flores is a self-taught visual artist who was born and raised in Dumaguete City, Philippines. She graduated with a BS Psychology degree at Silliman University, but her love for art and creativity has led her to pursue a career as an artist.

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 Cil previously worked as a marketing VA but pursued being a full-time artist at the start of 2023, under Metro Gallery. Her art influences mainly come from pop culture (cartoons and videogames), and she often draws inspiration from emotions and experiences. Cil describes her art style as close to pop (pop surrealism) or low brow, emphasizing root- and rock-like details, bright red and yellow colors, and of course, her original character named "Clae." These are all done through traditional acrylic painting, pen & ink, digital art, and (recently) sculptures.

She has participated in various group shows in Dumaguete and Cebu for the past three years. She started exhibiting in Luzon just last year, participating in group shows at Metro Gallery, Stuart Gallery, SuperDuper Gallery, and Xavier Art Fest under Village Art Gallery. Cil has had her first solo exhibition entitled “Into the Unknown” at Metro Gallery this year.

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In addition, she’s also working as a freelance illustrator, catering to personal commissions and projects with brands. Her digital artworks have been featured in Graphika Manila’s annual art book (years 2020-2022). 

Being an advocate for art, Cil has also participated in volunteer work for movements like One Billion Rising and art events that promoted environmental awareness such as Recycle Me, The Life-giving Seagrass Exhibit, and Bahandi sa Kabakhawan—all aimed to raise awareness of the protection of seagrasses and mangroves. This year, the Dumaguete-based artist has been venturing out to other forms of art, as she aims to widen her skills, explore, and grow as a creative.

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