Yours Truly, Through Dusk and Dawn Valentine Postcard

Pinspired Philippines


"The overall inspiration for this piece is Love through communication. People in long distance relationships can resonate with this as the two characters are sending letters to places at different times of the day. Another way to look at this illustration is that they live in “different times of the day” or that the boy is a morning person while the girl is a night person, which can represent them being different people who are getting to know about each other and what makes them unique. This idea is from one of my favorite books “The Day Boy and The Night Girl” by George Macdonald." — Jenina Benitez.

  • Printed in the Philippines;
  • Coated paper 350 gsm;
  • By  Bacolod artist @jbenitezart;
  • Size: 11.5x16 cm.

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