Serena Art Print

Alexander Jusay

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Beautiful sea creature with the upper body of a female Serena has an enchanting voice that hypnotise fishermen and sailors, making them to walk off ship decks and can cause shipwrecks. Sometimes Sirena are paired with Siyokoy. To show the connections between Mythical Creatures of the Philippines, each art piece from collection has transition to another. Artist Alexander Jusay tried to find beauty even in the horrible side of Filipino folklore, representing all of the creatures to live in one world of dark forests.

You can choose art print to be framed in black wooden frame with grey passe-partout or just shipped in hard envelope without frame. If you have also other preferences for framing please contact with us.

  • Printed in the Philippines;
  • Textured art paper 250 gsm;
  • Vibrant colors;
  • Size of the art print: 12"x17";
  • Size of the frame: 17"x22"
  • Signed by the artist Alexander Jusay (Dumaguete city).