Philippine Spices Sticker Sheets Set Of 2



Collection of waterproof round stickers with illustrations of the most popular filipino spice and spice mix such as: malunggay, chili, cinnamon, curry, anis, bazil, banana blossom, paprika, coriander, bay leaves, thyme, sinigang, adobo, black pepper, salt, gisa, rosemary, tinola, minced garlic, vanilla, achuete and casubha.

This set of round waterproof stickers was created special for spice bottles in your kitchen, but you can find many other ways to use it. Postcards, creative packages, travel journals - just follow your imagination!

Philippine Spices rounded sticker set is a creative gift and souvenir that can be used in postcrossing, journaling and collecting.

  • Waterproof matte sticker paper;
  • Size: 11x15.5 cm;
  • Set of 2 sheets with 24 pcs of round stickers.

Spice bottles and spices are not included. 

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