Golden Discovery Art Print by Moshi Dokyo

Moshi Dokyo


Art print of digital artwork by Moshi Dokyo, local Dumaguete city artist. Limited to 10 copies art prints were featured in in Grafika Manila 2021 e-book. Printed on textured acid-free paper each art print has a certificate of authenticity.

"Somewhere in a post-apocalyptic future, when we humans have already blown ourselves out of existence, new life blooms; a remnant, a creation from our destruction. Life made possible. The fragments we left are their only means of getting a glimpse into what glorious and vile civilization preceded them.
"Nano techs? Quantum stuff? AI-operated species?"
Who knows? Maybe life forms from the vestiges of our system who have witnessed our proud and spectacular fall will take a visit and unveil the mysteries of a glory-ridden past. - Madaquackah journals 202x"
  • Printed in the Philippines;
  • Acid free textured paper 250 gsm;
  • Size of the art print: 11"x11";
  • Featured in Grafika Manila 2021 e-book;
  • Signed by the artist Moshi Dokyo (Dumaguete city);
  • Ship in hard envelope.

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