Dwende or Nunò Sa Punsó Postcard

Alexander Jusay


Depending on their color, Dwendes or Nuno sa Punso can be good or evil. They usually dwell in forests, staying in old trees or anthills. Be careful not to disturb their “punso” or mound, otherwise they cast a spell on you.

The postcard have transition to another creatures from the Mythical Creatures postcard set which make this set a pure collectible. At the same time it's great for postcrossing to share Filipino Folklore with other people.

Collect the set of 10 creatures.

  • Printed in the Philippines;
  • Vintage paper 300 gsm;
  • Size: 13.5x18.7 cm. or 11.5x16 cm.
  • Art by Alexander Jusay (Dumaguete city).

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