Catalina of Dumaguete Re-imagined Art Print by Portia Nemeño

Portia Nemeño


Copy of original digital artwork by Portia Nemeño, local Dumaguete city artist. Limited to 100 copies art prints printed on acid free paper. Each copy supports local artist.

"Artwork is inspired by the local Dumaguete folklore “Catalina of Dumaguete” according to the old stories of Dumaguete, Catalina was believed to have supernatural powers, one of which was walking on water. She was also believed to drive out the mythical creature called “Sigbin” which at one point disturbed the peace of the gentle people.

She is often seen clasping her hands while looking up to the sky as if she had seen something no one else can. The main pieces are inspired from symbols that originated in all 3 parts of the country. The T’boli headdress is from Luzon, the malong dress from Mindanao, and of course the story of Catalina from Visayas." - by Portia Nemeño.

Read more about the artists on Dumaguete Art Scene.

  • Printed in the Philippines;
  • Acid free textured paper 250 gsm;
  • Size of the art print: 12"x17" (including white borders).
  • Signed by the artist Portia Nemeño (Dumaguete city);
  • Certificate of authenticity is provided;
  • Ship in hard envelope.

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