Portia Nemeño

About artist:

Portia Bernadette N. Bation, a self-taught traditional and digital artist, as well as a registered nurse, passionately believes that "Our mind is another universe." Through her art, she strives to reveal the beauty in the unconventional and challenge the boundaries of perception.

Portia Nemeno Dumaguete city digital artist woman portraits vintage art style Art Craft Book Gentle People

From a young age, Portia was captivated by the world of visual art. In 2017, she made the bold decision to transition from her nursing career and fully immerse herself in the realm of illustration and graphic design. Currently, she serves as a dedicated Illustrator and Graphic Designer for a Canada-based company, collaborates with Pinspired PH and Libraria PH, founded the local art movement Art Moves PH, and is a valued member of NOHHAS (Negros Oriental History Heritage & Arts Society).

Portia's artistic repertoire spans from traditional paintings to intricate digital line art. She firmly believes that art transcends its medium, recognizing that true artistry lies in the essence of creative expression, regardless of form or presentation.

Portia Nemeno Dumaguete city digital artist woman portraits vintage art style Art Craft Book Gentle People

Noteworthy accomplishments in Portia's artistic journey include being featured in Salt & Ink Motivational Mondays and Negros Weekly's special feature for Women's Month in 2022. Her dedication to her craft shines through her diverse portfolio, offering a glimpse into the boundless creativity and limitless possibilities within her artistic universe.

Pinspired has had the pleasure of collaborating with Portia Bernadette N. Bation on numerous art pieces, showcasing her exceptional talent in creating stunning woman portraits. Her unique style and attention to detail have brought forth captivating postcards and art prints that have become cherished items within our collection.

As a valued collaborator, Portia has generously contributed her extraordinary artworks to our postcard page and sticker page, exclusively designed for Pinspired. Her vibrant and expressive illustrations add a touch of beauty and intrigue to our products, captivating the hearts of art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

With each stroke of her brush or digital pen, Portia's artistic prowess shines through, immersing viewers in the captivating world she creates. Pinspired is truly grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Portia, sharing her extraordinary talent with the world and bringing joy to art enthusiasts near and far.

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