Gerabelle Rae

About artist:

Gerabelle Rae or GB, also known by her nickname, is a talented artist hailing from the picturesque town of Valencia. Her artistic journey began at the tender age of 4 when she started painting using her mother's old watercolors from college. Even at such a young age, she generously shared her early artworks and doodles with her neighbors, who would often gather near their house.

 Gerabelle Rae GB Dumaguete city Valencia Artist Art Craft Book textile artwork Gentle People

From the age of 7 until her late teens, GB actively participated in art contests year after year. She gained recognition as a cartoonist for the Weekly Sillimanian and had the honor of being the yearbook artist twice. As a member of the esteemed Order of the Golden Palette (OGPA) and the Silliman Guild of Artists, she remains connected to the rich artistic traditions of Silliman University, belonging to the oldest artist group on campus since the 1960s. Notably, GB held a successful solo exhibit showcasing 36 captivating works prior to her graduation with a degree in BS Psychology, accompanied by a Certificate in Human Resource Management.

Gerabelle Rae GB Dumaguete city Valencia Artist Art Craft Book textile artwork Gentle People

An experimental artist at heart, GB is always eager to explore unconventional mediums and materials, such as alcohol ink, and enjoys working on unique surfaces. Among her favorites are soft pastels, recycled fabrics, and acrylic. Her artistic focus primarily revolves around landscapes and contemporary art, constantly pushing the boundaries of her creativity.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, GB has actively engaged in art exhibits and events, including her participation in ATOA 1. Currently, she assumes the role of lead organizer for a group of artists in Dumaguete, overseeing their involvement in the upcoming Tubò Cebu Art Fair taking place this September. GB's passion for art, combined with her commitment to fostering artistic communities, continues to propel her artistic journey forward.

Pinspired Art Souvenirs had the privilege of collaborating with GB on the Art Craft Book project, where her immense talent shone through her remarkable contribution. GB shared a photo of her original artwork made entirely out of textile, a truly unique and captivating piece. The intricate details and beauty of her creation added a special touch to our book, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.

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