Faye Mandi

About artist:

Originally hailing from Zamboanga City and now based in Dumaguete City, Faye Mandi has made a significant impact on the local art scene. Since her move to Dumaguete in 2015 to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Silliman University, she has immersed herself in the creation of countless paintings and sculptures, showcasing her unique artistic vision.

 Faye Mandi Shelter Gallery Original Artworks Dumaguete city Art Craft Book Wall Decor ideas Negros

Faye's talent extends beyond traditional canvases, as she has lent her artistic touch to various restaurants and cafes, adorning their walls with captivating murals. In addition, her abstract paintings have found their way into local establishments, proudly displayed for art enthusiasts to admire.

Driven by her passion for the arts, Faye took a significant step forward last year when she founded Shelter PH, one of Dumaguete's esteemed local art galleries. Through this venture, she aims to provide a platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their work and contribute to the vibrant artistic community.

Faye draws inspiration from the realm of Surrealist sculptures, finding guidance in the works of visionaries such as Joseph Cornell, Méret Oppenheim, and Marcel Duchamp. Their influence can be seen reflected in Faye's own creations, as she explores the boundaries of imagination and delves into the realms of the subconscious.

Faye Mandi Shelter Gallery Original Artworks Dumaguete city Art Craft Book Wall Decor ideas Negros

With each stroke of her brush and every sculptural form she molds, Faye Mandi invites viewers into a world where reality and fantasy intertwine. Her artistic journey is an ever-evolving exploration of the surreal, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience her imaginative creations.

Through her commitment to her craft and her contributions to the local art scene, Faye Mandi continues to inspire fellow artists and art enthusiasts alike. Her work serves as a testament to the transformative power of art, as she fearlessly embraces the unconventional and challenges traditional artistic boundaries.

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