Alta Jia

About artist:

Alta Jia, a visual artist based in Dumaguete, passionately delves into the realms of nature, capturing the intricate beauty of wild grasses, insects, and various subjects through the expressive strokes of pen and ink. With a versatile approach, Alta Jia also embraces experimentation, venturing into acrylic, oil, watercolor, and even unconventional mediums like tea stains. Alongside their remarkable creations, Alta Jia has garnered expertise in printmaking and undertaken diverse commissioned projects.

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For Alta Jia, visual art serves as her language, enabling her to express her thoughts when words fall short. The lines she skillfully draws become her Sanskrit, filling empty spaces and imprinting her soul onto the canvas.


  • 2012-2015, 2018: Bachelor in Fine Arts (4th yr. Level) - Foundation University
  • 2007-2008: Industrial Graphics (1st yr. Level) - Negros Oriental State University
  • 2006-2007: Computer Secretarial (1st yr. Level) - Bohol Northeastern Colleges


  • 2021-Present: Artist / Art Exhibitor
  • 2016-2020: Silkscreen Artist
  • 2013-Present: Commission Artist
  • 2005-2020: Portrait Artist
  • 2022: MUGNA Mural Artist
  • Peace on Earth Christmas Doves and Christmas Tree, Pasko sa Dumaguete 2021 Project, Dumaguete City Tourism Office
  • 2018: Designer and Artist (The Barracuda Whirlpool Installation, Buglasan Festival 2018, Dumaguete Booth, Dumaguete City Tourism Office)

Alta Jia's artistic journey is also marked by numerous exhibitions and collaborations:

  • 2023: "Strangers" Exhibition by 10 local artists from Bacolod, Dumaguete, and Cebu, showcased at Arté Caffe Gallery in Dumaguete City
  • 2023: "Arté Fair 2023" Art Exhibition featuring 41 local artists at Arté Cafe Gallery in Dumaguete City
  • 2023: "OWN" Art Exhibition by 33 women artists, promoting upliftment and empowerment, held at the Main Gallery Orange Project in Bacolod City
  • 2021: "ATOA" Dumaguete City Artists Collaboration celebrating National Art's Month by 36 artists, held at Dakong Balay in Dumaguete City
  • 2021: "Introspection Group Art Exhibit," showcasing abstract paintings by 17 local artists at Dakong Balay in Dumaguete City
  • 2021: "Tubô Art Fair Online 2021," an 8-day online Art Fair featuring 100+ artists and 400+ artworks
  • 2021: "The Visayas Art Fair 2021" with the theme "Connecting Islands through art," joined by 26 art galleries in Montebello, Cebu City

And many more exhibitions and collaborations, including "Hinalayhay," "ATOA2," "AlltogetHer," "Pamalandong 2," "over•coming," "MANIFEST," and "Let's Play!"

Alta Jia's artistic journey is a testament to her dedication and passion for creating meaningful art. Through her unique artistic expressions, she invites viewers to explore the depths of her imagination and experience the world through her artistic lens.

Alta Jia Dumaguete city Negros Oriental artist journey multidisciplinary visual Art Craft Book Gentle People by Pinspired Art Souvenirs gift idea stickers

Alta Jia showcases her talent in creating stunning hand-drawn flower illustrations that have been transformed into a delightful sticker page. The intricate flower patterns and designs can be easily peeled off and used to enhance journals, scrapbooks, or gift wrapping, adding a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any creative project. With Alta Jia's sticker page, individuals can infuse their personal style into their journaling or gift-giving endeavors, making each page or package a work of art adorned with captivating floral motifs.

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