About Pinta PH Maps

Pinspired Art Souvenirs has embarked on an exciting journey, inviting Filipino artists to transform the Philippine map into vibrant canvases, each reflecting their unique vision of the country. This creative initiative is a celebration of the rich tapestry of Filipino culture, contributing to the growth of tourism in the Philippines and offering both local and foreign tourists unforgettable art souvenirs.

The PINTA PH Maps project is a multifaceted endeavor encompassing an engaging art exhibition, the launch of posters and postcards collection featuring works by local artists.

Art Exhibition at UNWND Resort Dumaguete:

Hosted by the serene UNWND Resort in Dumaguete, known for attracting those seeking relaxation amidst artistic environments, the venue offers a perfect backdrop for this cultural celebration. With multiple branches across the Philippines, this collaboration opens new avenues for local artists to explore diverse market opportunities.

On display will be a splendid array of original artworks by traditional artists, showcasing their mastery across various media, from textile to wood.

Renowned names such as Angelo Delos Santos, Mariana, Totem Yap Saa, Gretchen Villanueva-Heras, Deadlock (Dyck Cediño), Kevin, Iris Tirambulo, Alta Jia, Kat Banay, and Shaoi will grace the exhibition with their creations.

The project also brings together the talents of digital and traditional artists for collaborative poster and art print collections. Expect to be captivated by the works of Hersley Casero, Moshi Dokyo, Cil Flores, Benzi Florendo, Love Leah Studio, Gretchen Villanueva-Heras, Kat Banay, Victor Cantal, and many other visionaries.

Join us in this artistic journey, where the Philippines comes alive through the eyes and hands of our talented artists.