Mythical Creatures of the Philippines

Mythical Creatures of the Philippines

Our graphic artist Alex Jusay is sharing his thoughts about the project and we are sharing some of the pictures from the opening exhibition event.

"Every Filipino has heard of Filipino mythical creatures, they have been around even before pre-colonial Philippines. They are apart of our rich culture and even contribute to our mannerisms. During outdoor activities we often get reminded to say Tabi-tabi or acknowledge that there are other beings beside us that reside in this plain of existence and upsetting them would bring you and your family horrible misfortune. It was respect that was often brought up and It was also respect to these beliefs where I wanted to start the project.

The arduous process began with the idea and from there I sketched and experimented on different styles until finally landing on the perfect look which both resonated with my personal taste and the companies desire to create something unique. Did I mention it was a true collectible set? Yes, all the creatures had to be living in one world. That means there is a seamless transition that connects one creature to another. Which was a challenge on its own.

Creating this project was very personal to me because it touched a big part of my childhood. Living in the province, we didn’t have enough access to technology which was at that time was also still developing and is still is. I remember me and my friends would huddle up and talk about myths and legends passed down from our relatives for hours. It sparked our imagination and our drive to role play and create. I didn’t know back then how impactful it would be for my artist life.

“Filipino Mythical creatures” is already an inspiration in itself but how could we refine and beautify the characters while still grounding them to the source material. Filipino creatures have a dark and twisted history to them so it was a challenge to keep all those boxes checked while still making a product that would attract all audiences. Even those who aren’t familiar with the Filipino mythos.

After a lot of exploration, revisions and rendering time I had to launch a product that would represent my views as a Filipino artist. I had a job to do and I’m glad I managed to get it done but without the support of the company, my friends, family, and the people I love who are always there for me when the notorious artblock comes all of this wouldn’t have happened. So thank you and I’m inviting everyone to support this project to have a piece of Filipino culture with you." — by Alexander Jusay.

Dumaguete city artists Alex Jusay and Cil Flores during the opening exhibition Mythical Creatures of the Philippines.

Dumaguete artist Cil Flores Alex Jusay

Art market with postcards and art prints.

Our special guests - Diwata and White Lady.

Exhibition took part in the Flying Fish Hostel, Dumaguete.

opening exhibition Mythical Creatures Philippines

Human food VS. Mythical Creatures food.

Alexander Jusay during his live digital art session.

Dumaguete artist live session art

Dumaguete artist art session

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