Meet the artist: Cil Flores

Meet the artist: Cil Flores

Recently we had collaboration with self-taught artist Cil Flores from Dumaguete city, Negros Oriental. At first glance at her Instagram @cilflores , we couldn't believe that actually she is just a beginner (how she simply call herself), as her skills in art are very impressive. While working on the postcard set project we admired her ability to catch up our idea very quickly. We believe that Cil with her diligence will become soon a great artist. And we're so glad to have this opportunity to be among the first ones who promote this talented artist.

Enjoy her short interview about life, art and inspiration.

self taught artist Dumaguete Philippines

Where were you born?

Dumaguete is my home town and native city. Both my parents and their families are also native Dumagueteños.

How old are you? 

I’m 24.

Does anybody in your family have artist skills?

My sister is also a good artist, although we have different art styles since she’s more focused on manga and anime. My father was also inclined to art.

Where did you learn drawing?

I actually learned how to draw by watching a lot of cartoons when I was still very young. I kind of had this need to put my imaginations and these cartoon characters I’ve watched into a medium and that’s why I started drawing on paper (specifically on the blank pages of my school notebooks). My art skills are purely self-taught and I haven’t tried enrolling in art programs and classes.

self taught artist Dumaguete Philippines

Where did you study and what subject?

I studied Bachelor of Science in Psychology and earned my degree at Silliman University.

How old were you when you started drawing?

Probably 6 or 7 years old. I started drawing when I was in Kindergarten.

Why do you draw in such kind of style? Please tell us more about your technique.

My art style of drawing on paper using ink pens was probably influenced by my past time of drawing cartoon characters on my school notebooks using ballpoint pens. Line art is my forte but I am constantly trying to learn other art skills and styles such as digital art and watercolor art because I want to be as versatile and flexible as possible in using different media.

What is your inspiration? What do you usually do if you don’t have inspiration, but you need to draw?

During my college years, I got my inspiration from my feelings since I used my art as a form of release and escape for the emotions that I felt. Thus, my art was more on the basis of my emotions (e.g. happy, sad, in love, broken). Now that I’ve grown and matured a bit, I’ve realized that I don’t want my art to be focused solely on escaping from the things that I’m experiencing or feeling. This time, I want to create my own world and my own characters. Presently, I get my inspiration from songs, movies, cartoons, and works from other artists.

self taught artist Dumaguete Philippines

If I ran out of inspirations, I usually listen to songs or browse on the web to search for ideas and concepts.

What do you want to do in future?

I want to keep making art until I grow old.

How do you see yourself?

I see myself now as a struggling artist who is making a lot of effort in order to gain exposure and be visible.

Where do you like to travel?

I’d love to travel to places where I can experience the culture of the country. Some of my choices are Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, and Japan. I’m also planning on visiting Buddhist temples in Asia.

Where have you been?

The last place I went to was Cebu last January.

What do you like most about Philippines? What is your big aim or dream?

I pretty much love my country because of its laid-back tropical vibe. Plus, the places and tourist spots here are so beautiful and the cost of living (in Dumaguete) is relatively cheap.

self taught artist Dumaguete Philippines

My dream is to become a professional artist; have my own exhibit, gallery, and comic series; and work for animation/video game companies. I also aim to help people and the environment and raise awareness about social issues through my art.

And now we are happy to introduce her artworks in our souvenirs for divers. This gorgeous postcard set «Looking good in Scuba suit» and posters: «Looking good in Scuba suit» and «Born to Dive».

diver souvenir gift postcard set scuba diving

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