Meet the artist: Angelo Delos Santos

Meet the artist: Angelo Delos Santos

We start to collaborate with local artists and get to know talented Angelo Delos Santos here in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. At first time I just in loved with his beautiful underwater creatures. The details that he puts into his artworks are always impressive. I interviewed Angelo of what his inspiration and the story of making these wonderful creatures:

Philippine artist at work 

« I was born and raised in Zamboanga City. Now I am 25 and I have a 19 month old daughter. I was inspired by my brother to draw when we were still kids, I was about 7 then. I look up to him, so whatever he did, I did the same. We used to draw our favorite anime characters. He stopped drawing when we became adolescents, but I never want to quit. I started doodling when i was in high school. Art has been my inspiration to stop my vices such as smoking. Me and my family moved in Dumaguete after I graduated high school. I studied Fine Arts in Foundation University for a semester and stopped.

Philippine artist at work

I am greatly fascinated with the wild animals, specially the sea creatures, including the corals. I draw them to show to the public how beautiful they are and that they are not meant to be hurt by humans. I want to be an advocate to protect the wildlife with my art. I usually watch wildlife documentary when I'm out of ideas, it always works. In the future, i'm hoping for my art to gain more audience and spread awareness in wildlife protection.»

Now we are happy to introduce you postcard set with Angelo's artworks. They printed on art paper and can be a nice gift to everybody who enjoys art of the Philippines, marine life and also for those who collect postcards and involved in postcrossing. 

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