Meet the artist: Alex Jusay

Meet the artist: Alex Jusay

When Alex joined Pinspired he breathed new life into our project. As a graphic designer and illustrator, he has a huge potential and we are excited to do more Pinspiring stuff with him.

One of his first projects for our company was business card illustration for Cebu Design week which turned out to be mural in our office. We’ve got so much positive feedback about our business card so we decided to put it on our wall.

Original artwork represents two sides of the Philippines: Sarimanok is the symbol of imagination, dreams, and mythology, While the whale shark visualizes the real and raw beauty of the Philippines.

At the same time, Alex was working under our first art print for the Pinspired shop. Again dreams and whale sharks. What to say, we just love it! 

It's already available in our shop, where you can have it framed or not framed:

And now we want to share a very short interview with Alex about his path as an artist.

Where were you born? What is your native city?

I was born in Ormoc City.

Does anybody in your family have artist skills?

Surprisingly all of us have creative skills in different shapes and forms. However, only me, my dad and my older brother know how to draw/paint.

 Where did you learn drawing?

I learned through observation and burning passion.

Where did you study and what subject?

I stopped school due to personal reasons. I don’t think diplomas really matter in the modern art world. However, it does improve your chances by showing how competent you are at finishing a degree which translates into work ethic.


How old were you when you started drawing?

As far as I can remember. Since I had the chance to hold a pen. I was in first grade when I knew that I love to draw. My teacher asked me to draw a picture of a cartoon character.

Why do you draw in such kind of style? Please tell us more about your technique.

I wouldn’t say I have a particular style because I love to experiment. Although, I do favor painting and Lineart now than any other styles.

What is your inspiration?

Quite literally everything that sparks my interest at the moment. From rocks to the stars there is always something interesting to see. The universe is massive after all.

What do you usually do if you don’t have inspiration, but you need to draw?

I face a lot of external pressure and influence that make it hard to keep consistency but Ironically, those outside forces are also my source of motivation.

What do you want to do in the future? How do you see yourself?

When I gather enough knowledge and resources I want to be a teacher.

Where do you like to travel? Where have you been?

If I ever get to travel someday, I wanna start in the Philippines. It’s my own country and It’s a shame if I don’t witness it first before thinking about leaving abroad.

What do you like most about the Philippines?

That we are the freest and most open country. There is a lot of misconception among Filipinos about the Philippines. Most of these are negative which upsets me since our country is beautiful and if it is taken care of, the possibilities are endless.

What is your big aim or dream?

I have so many but the first thing that comes to mind is that I want to build my own studio and create opportunities for kids like me, who never had the confidence and opportunity to become an artist at an early age. Art takes time and the younger you start the better your chances are at landing a job. It Isn't an assurance though, they still need to do the work themselves. 

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