Customize your corporate souvenirs with Inspired Team

Customize your corporate souvenirs with Inspired Team

Simple and personalised

Simplicity might be a value you long for in the corporate world. Corporate swag like souvenirs, gift and similar items with your brand or company logo and slogans or messages on them can travel a wide range of souvenir ideas. You can have lots of unique corporate stuff but you need not go far, spend too much money and time or go through a complicated business process. Now you have a one-stop online resource with souvenir shop.

custom design souvenirs and corporate gifts

You can have all your corporate postcards and posters personalized with the services of our creative design and crafts team. These are handy and can be sized and shaped from your specifications, you simply have to study our design samples on our site so you can choose creative options.

custom design souvenirs and corporate gifts

Our products are perfect for dive clubs, beach resorts and hotels or any tourist destination run along commercial lines. You may feature your special items in your own souvenir shops with continual updates on our new limited edition designs every now and then.

Creative and unique

We follow the seasons here, from summer to Christmas, so you simply have to order our seasonal offers to be up to date on your gift items. Our mainstays include postcards and postcard sets, stickers, fridge magnets, art posters, pocket and drawing notebooks, colorful maps and others inspired by tourist destinations like Bohol and Boracay.

custom design souvenirs and corporate gifts

There is of course a line on iconic cities here like Manila, itself a popular urban tourist location. Our images are also inspired by nature and the wildlife that is native to the islands. The designs are unique, these are only available from our company, and it is easy to reprint them with your logos or signage, or any special message you might need, like specific greetings for your special occasions. These are digitally printed on quality paper and can be printed out fast. Cards come in 300-piece orders and posters start at 20 pieces per order.

Just fill the contact form in our site and we will calculate your order according your specifications.


Our items are packaged with care and attention and your gifts will be delivered with special mailing boxes or paper tubes that have their own wonderful designs. Apart from mail boxes we can also pack your orders into our gift wrapping paper. You just need to choose which option you want.

custom design souvenirs and corporate gifts


Any delivery will usually take one to three days via LBC or 2GO, depending on your location.

We believe that the beauty of the islands should be translated on our products. With these corporate gift-giving is certainly easier with our Inspired Team. You can message or contact us through our contact form and start the order process from there. You can have all the answers at your convenience when you ask for order details and any relevant information you need.

by Victor Padilla

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