About artist:

As the owner and designer behind Shaoi Arts and Crafts, Shaoi brings a wealth of experience garnered from collaborating with local and international government and non-government organizations in the Philippines and beyond. Shaoi's journey as an artist and advocate has taken her to diverse locations, where she has made a profound impact on community development.

Shaoi Sharon Art Craft Book Gentle People artist collaboration Dumaguete city Negros Oriental faces stickers journaling

Having served as a dedicated volunteer with Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO), Shaoi acted as a Policy Advocacy Adviser for the Improving Market Access for the Poor Project in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. She also served as a Training and Communication Advisor for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uganda's Community Service Department. Through these experiences, Shaoi has played a vital role in empowering local communities and fostering sustainable change.

Shaoi's commitment to supporting local enterprises is evident in her efforts to establish business ventures and market products under the umbrella of Shaoi Arts and Crafts. She collaborates with the Department of Trade and Industry to develop a value chain roadmap for Philippine wearables and home lifestyle products. Embracing the digital landscape, Shaoi leverages e-commerce, social media marketing, and her own business acumen to promote Shaoi Arts and Crafts effectively.

Driven by a passion for sustainability, Shaoi advocates for the use of eco-friendly materials such as clay, bamboo, and "Pandan" leaves in community livelihood projects. She utilizes her artistic expertise to design and produce trendy prototypes of arts and crafts, catering to both local and international markets. Shaoi also serves as a valuable resource for the local Department of Trade and Industry, offering training and capacity-building support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Shaoi contributes to the artistic landscape by creating commissioned works for art exhibitions and collaborating with local businesses. Her skills extend to designing logos, brochures, books, manuals, posters, t-shirts, bags, and more. She adds vibrancy to local restaurants by producing captivating murals that enhance ambiance and attract a young and trendy clientele. Moreover, Shaoi actively participates in organizing and joining local and national trade fairs, bazaars, and events, championing the promotion and marketing of local products.

Shaoi Sharon Art Craft Book Gentle People artist collaboration Dumaguete city Negros Oriental faces stickers journaling

Shaoi's unwavering dedication to the arts, community empowerment, and sustainable development continues to leave a lasting impression. Through Shaoi Arts and Crafts, she has become a catalyst for positive change, embodying the transformative power of art as a force for social and economic progress.

In our collaborative Art Craft Book project, artist Shaoi showcased her exceptional talent through hand-drawn illustrations of diverse faces, which we transformed into delightful stickers. These stickers add a playful touch to journaling and offer endless creative possibilities.

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