About artist:

Mariana is a multi-talented artist, indoor cycling instructor, and the creative force behind the popular book review and explainer podcast called Fiction Friends. With a lifelong passion for art, Mariana's artistic journey began in her early years and was reignited when she discovered the joy of participating in exhibitions, allowing her to showcase her immense talent to the world.

Mariana Dumaguete artist portraits postcard page Gentle People Art Craft Book Tourist souvenir Philippines

Her artistic style revolves around capturing the essence of faces and exploring the boundless possibilities of colors using various mediums. Additionally, Mariana embraces the enchanting world of analog film, infusing her love for visual storytelling into her artistic endeavors. As a dedicated cinephile, she finds solace and inspiration within the realm of film, incorporating its timeless charm into her creative expressions.

Mariana Dumaguete artist portraits postcard page Gentle People Art Craft Book Tourist souvenir Philippines

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Mariana's work extends to crisis management PR, where she utilizes her skills to navigate challenging situations with finesse. However, her love for literature, storytelling, and critical thinking shines through in her podcast episodes and online content dedicated to books. Through her insightful discussions and recommendations, she fosters a vibrant community of literary enthusiasts who cherish the exploration of diverse narratives and value meaningful conversations.

Mariana's artistic and literary endeavors intertwine, creating a unique and captivating fusion that reflects her passion, creativity, and commitment to both visual and narrative arts.

Mariana generously shared her talent with us by contributing two stunning portraits for our Gentle People Art Craft Book. These captivating artworks, carefully crafted with her artistic prowess, grace the pages of our postcard section, allowing readers to appreciate the beauty and depth of her portraiture.

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