Reggie Reyes

About photographer:

Reggie is an accomplished underwater diving photographer and a graduate of the prestigious Ocean Geographic Masterclass. As a member of the exclusive Ocean Artists Society, he stands among a select group of global ambassadors chosen for their dedication to ocean protection through purposeful photography.

With his extensive experience as an active Scuba Diving A. instructor Trainer and Training Development Coordinator for Ocean Reef Full Face Mask, Reggie combines his passion for diving with his advocacy for coral reef rescue and rehabilitation. He serves as a Conservation Photography Coach, imparting his knowledge and skills to inspire others to protect and preserve our precious marine ecosystems.

Reggie Reyes Certified Diver Photographer Diving photo postcard page art craft book Gentle People

Reggie's contributions extend beyond photography, as he plays a vital role in environmental direct actions and awareness programs as part of the Dauin Tourism Board. His involvement in initiatives such as Zero Waste and repurposing further demonstrates his commitment to creating a sustainable future.

As a Professional conservation coach and Photographer, Reggie has garnered numerous International Photography Awards for his published books and documentary works. He serves as the Director of Coral Quest Rehabilitation Philippines, leading educational efforts in coral rehabilitation for the benefit of coastal communities.

Reggie also holds key positions as the head of CCID Center for Conservation In Diving and as the COO of Silver Reef Dive Resort. With the resort's zero waste initiative and dedication to responsible renewable energy, Reggie actively promotes the importance of maintaining and preserving our oceans.

Through his exceptional photography and unwavering commitment to ocean conservation, Reggie is a true advocate for the beauty and preservation of our marine environments.

Reggie Reyes Certified Diver Photographer Diving photo postcard page art craft book Gentle People

We are grateful for Reggie Reyes's contribution of her stunning underwater photograph titled "Armina Nudibranch" for our postcard page. This captivating image captures the mesmerizing beauty of marine life and perfectly embodies the spirit of our project. We are honored to share this extraordinary piece alongside his colleague in conservation Analynne Sison, showcasing their remarkable talent and passion for underwater photography.

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