Joyle Jay Alipala

Joyle Jay Alipala, hailing from Hinigaran and Murcia in Negros Occidental, with roots extending to Bohol through his mother, is a self-taught artist who later pursued short courses in various art media offered by NGOs and government institutions like the NCCA. Notably, Joyle Jay Alipala was among the fortunate participants in the inaugural art curatorship seminar at Foundation University in Dumaguete two decades ago.

Lamang Dagat Art Print Book Submission

“In Between Stars”, Dapanas (soft stones) on canvas, 2024

Recognized as one of the most active local artists between 1990-2016, Joyle Jay Alipala diligently organized art activities within his province. His dedication has led them to represent his region at exhibits, workshops, and conferences across the nation, notably in the Visayas region. He achieved acclaim as the one of the winners of the first abstract art competition in Cebu and have served as a former Regional Representative to the NCCA-Committee on Visual Arts, Provincial Coordinator of VIVA Excon, and Head of the BACH Council-Committee on Visual Arts.

Joyle Jay Alipala's artistic journey has been documented in various art and travel guidebooks, including the 2009 edition of Lonely Planet Australia. Recently, he contributed as an illustrator and research assistant in fields such as Archaeology, Ethnography, Paleontology, and Geology, collaborating with international scholars and experts in these disciplines. The ethnographic research titled 'Asin Tibuok,' focused on traditional saltmaking technology, where Joyle Jay Alipala contributed as an assistant and illustrator, with Andrea Yankowski as the main author and a Fulbright scholar and archaeologist, is available on Amazon.

Currently, Joyle Jay Alipala's is not so active in art scene and his focus has shifted towards gem-hunting and lapidary art, leveraging firsthand knowledge of Philippine rocks and minerals acquired through these pursuits. He often incorporates his discoveries into his artistic creations, reflecting a deep connection to both art and the natural world.