Alexander Jusay

About artist:

Throughout his upbringing, movement remained a recurring theme. From navigating various regions of the Visayas islands in response to his family's challenges to the pursuit of a stable home, adaptability became an essential skill he honed from an early age. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for art, a decision that propelled him to explore its every facet.

 Alexander Jusay Digital artist Pinspired Art Souvenirs Dumaguete Tourism Art Book Sticker page

Unbound by conventional boundaries, he embraced both traditional and digital mediums, pushing his artistic boundaries beyond limits.
 Driven by his innate curiosity and fueled by his self-taught skills acquired through the vast resources of the internet, he embarked on a relentless journey of self-improvement.

As his art continually evolves and expands, he remains an ardent student, constantly learning and experimenting with new techniques. 

His works predominantly revolve around the realms of fantasy, he dares to venture into various art styles, honing his craft and nurturing a repertoire of versatile skills to tackle any creative challenge.

Alexander Jusay Digital artist Pinspired Art Souvenirs Dumaguete Tourism Art Book Sticker page

As a Creative Team Lead, he remains grounded in his roots, acknowledging the journey that shaped him. With an unwavering vision for the awe-inspiring wonders of our world, he treasures the ability to breathe life into his vividly imagined realities.

We're lucky to have Alex's talent in our Art Craft Book's sticker page featuring his funny Dwende characters.

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