Seedling Siblings Art Print by Hersley Casero

Hersley Casero


Copy of original artwork from Bahandi sa Kabakhawan exhibition held on January 2022 and devoted to mangrove protection in the Philippines.

"We have all just experienced the devastating wrath of Nature as a result of decades of carelessly abusing her resources and disrupting her balance. But Nature is also our lifeboat, abundantly providing us with solutions. Each generation holds the responsibility for the kind of world that we will eventually leave behind, and the choice to steer towards a more innovative, sustainable and symbiotic future. Our global culture, both environmentally and socially, are precious seedlings with powerful potential to be cultivated with great care." — by Hersley Casero.

  • Printed in the Philippines;
  • Limited to 20 copies;
  • Textured acid-free paper 250 gsm;
  • Vibrant colors;
  • Size of the art print: 12"x17.5" including white borders;
  • With certificate of authenticity;
  • Signed by the artist Hersley Casero (Dumaguete city).

Shipped in a hard envelope. If you have preferences for framing please contact with us.

Proceeds will support mangrove protection educational programs by Big Blue Network.

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